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Rally on the Rocks

May 12 - 15
San Juan County
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2021 Rally on the Rocks

The 2021 Rally on the Rocks is scheduled for May 11th-15th. Registration is open!

Following advice from our legal team, the entirety of the Rally will be held in San Juan County. We will have a vendor show at the registration headquarters in San Juan County, located at 11856 US-191, UT. Huge thanks goes out to Dixie 4WD and the Moab Off Road Compound for letting us hold our event there.

All trail rides that are part of this year’s ROTR event will be held on the trails located in San Juan County and will meet at the trail heads. We are working on the GPS coords for each trail head and will post them in the coming weeks.

To reiterate- ROTR is not organizing any trail rides in Grand County as part of the Rally this year, keep in mind that all trails in and around the Moab area are open for public use.

We are in the process of working with Grand County and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


2021 Rally on the Rocks headquarters will now be held in San Juan County, less than 2 miles south of the OSTA.  Exact location TBD.

Registration and check in will take at the new location The Moab Off Road Compound and Dixie 4-Wheel Drive along with the vendor show.  Vendor show hours are as follows.  Wednesday-12th 3-8 pm, Thursday 13th-3-8 pm, Friday- all day, as well as nightly activities.

There will be NO sheriff escorts this year, all trails will meet at the trail head and depart at 10 am each day. People that drop in on trails cause problems, if you are not on the guides list you will not be allowed to ride with the group.  Please be there at 9:30 for check-in with the trail guides.  You will either need to trailer or drive your street legal machine to the trail head.

Street legal means registered with insurance, blinkers, horn and mirrors.  For those of you that live in states that do not allow street legal machines here is a link to the New Mexico motor vehicle division that allows you to get an on road registration ($7.00 fee applies).

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